Founder Message

Madanlal Agarwal

What started way back in 1971 as a humble beginning has grown into a company which is synonymous with Service, Quality and Commitment. We have come a long way since then and in these past 45 years we have grown by leaps and bounds , thanks to the efforts and commitment of the team of Amit Transport Corporation and your continued patronage. It is due to your support and business that had made our company what it is today, a name to reckon with.

The employees of Amit Transport Corporation are some of the most talented, ambitious and forward thinking individuals I've ever met, both in business and in life. On a day-to-day basis I find that it's our people--and their commitment to understanding the importance of providing quality service , the changing nature of the industry, and most importantly, client needs--that make both our company and our service what it is today. It is our people and their everyday commitment to improving your experience and providing you with time bound services that make our organization unique.

The team of Amit Transport Corporation takes the meaning of corporate responsibility to a new level. While the focus of many logistic companies is the customer, the team of Amit Transport Corporation upholds the highest level of integrity.

Our desire to better the overall customer experience is unconditional. Our team is selfless and always searching for new ways to innovate and improve your experience with us.

We are truly looking forward to our continued work with you and the opportunity to demonstrate ourselves as a valued Business Partner. If you ever have any suggestions, comments, or concerns , please always feel free to share your thoughts with us. Sincerely,

Madanlal Agarwal
Founder, Leader & Guide