Quality Policy

Transparent Communication and Collaboration

When it comes to our customers, carriers, and business partners, Amit Transport Corporation believes in setting proper expectations of what we provide. We communicate openly to troubleshoot issues, allowing for the creation of sustainable solutions.

Continuous Process Improvement

Amit Transport Corporation applies lean practices to eliminate wastes within our organization to provide better service to our employees and our customers. This allows us to stay strong in all aspects of our business.

Advocate for Our Customers and Carriers

As a shipper, undoubtedly you know that if you don't have happy carriers, it's hard to negotiate rates year to year and also during tight capacity crunches, hard to secure transportation. It's a fine dance our Carrier Relations team has learned and passed onto our freight specialists and customer service reps. Our proactive approach to invoice consolidation and freight analysis reports not only allows us to always look out for our customers but also to understand that without our carriers, we wouldn't have as strong of a business.

Provide Solutions, Not More Problems

Amit Transport Corporation doesn't believe in making changes if it's not a long-term solution. The worst thing for us to hear is, "Why did you make this change? It was already working so well!" Don't fix what isn't broken, unless it provides a road map to increased productivity and bottom-line savings.

Shared Goal & Initiative Alignment

Whether it's a new engagement with a shipper or bringing on a new employee or carrier, Amit Transport Corporation aligns their goals with our goals. When we clearly state our goals to each party in our ecosystem, we often find we accomplish our goals more efficiently.

Create Long-Lasting Relationships

The more we know about our customers' business and freight management needs, the more hard and soft costs savings we can uncover. Additionally, with tenured employees we don't waste time having to replace your dedicated freight management customer service reps and get them up to speed. In the nearly two decades we've been in business, more than 75% of our employees who started with us as we grew are still employed.